1) A remnant or remaining portion.

1434 I will that the remlande of my gude be partid in thre, Ousefleet

1442 paid in hand xls and syr Jo Fox plege for the remland, York

1482 all the remland of the soghers [soldiers] in the same oppenion, York

1508 a prest for ever to synge ij daiez in the wek at Brakenbargh and the remland at Kirkby oppon Wisk. Latterly, it was commonly used of remnants of material: 1643 unto Anne Slater ...a rembland of wollen cloath, Cottingley

1758-62 Tim Oxley 2 remblands frised scarlit and green, Wakefield.

spellings remland
dates 1434 1442 1482 1508 1643 1758-1762

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0