1) These are regional words for a male sheep, as defined by Henry Best.

1642 Riggon tuppes are such as have one stone in the codde, and the other in the ridge of the backe, Elmswell. Earlier he listed: 1620 10 wether lambs, 5 riggons. It is a word with a great variety of spellings: 1549 Item ... tups & regoltes price 18s, Marrick

1559 xxijtie tupes and rygetts xliiijs, Hipswell

1657 sheepe called Riggalds or ridleinges, Meltham

1664 such persons as have tups and ridges shall ... let them have liberty till the 22th of this instant October, Holmfirth. It was used occasionally of other animals: 1734 That none keep any Riggan Horse or Nagg in any of the Fields for every Default 3s 4d, Lund.

spellings riggon riggot
dates 1549 1559 1620 1642 1664 1734

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0