1) A wheel-shaped chandelier, a fitting in many churches.

1522 I witto the rowell in my parishe chirche iiijd, York

1531 I witt ijd to the mindyng of the rowell in the sayd churche of Saynt Feles, Thirsk

1539 I will that the xs which I delivered to the churche grevis shall remane to be a stoke to find one Rowell befor the blissed sacrament, Methley

1557 I bequeath towards the making of the Rowell iiijd, Woodkirk. An occupation noted in York may refer to a maker of such rowells rather than to a specialist spurrier: 1390 Johannes Fauconer, roueller.

dates 1390 1522 1531 1539 1557

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0