1) A dialect spelling of <i>rod</i>, a word for an enclosed clearing or assart, often the work of an individual rather than the community as a whole.

It was particularly frequent from c.1150 into the 1300s and gave rise to numerous place-names in parts of west Yorkshire, many in undated early charters: ‘three acres of land within the close of Hetonerodes which is called Walthefrode which acres the same Walthef held’, Kirkheaton

c.1260 de uno essarto quod vocatur Hervardrode, Calverley. The dialect spelling dates from the early fifteenth century: 1437 ‘4 acres were Roideland lying in an assart called Maymoundroide', Stanley.

dates 1150 1260 1437

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0