1) A woollen fabric, noted in 1488 and 1493 (OED), but more frequent in the sixteenth century, with reference to items of clothing such as doublets, jackets, jerkins and kirtles.

1551 as much Russell as will make her a kirtill, Pontefract

1560 my best jerkynge of russell, Church Fenton. It was occasionally used attributively: 1543 one dublett of russell worstede, Otley and was quite frequently in the plural: 1549 a jakett of russelles, Knottingley

1552 two kirtelles, the one of russels, Womersley

1558 xxxix yeards of russhels ... fower hole peaces of russhells, Knaresborough. It cannot mean ‘red’ since early examples were specifically black, green, or grey but may take its name from a Flemish town.

dates 1543 1549 1551 1552 1558 1560

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0