1) An item of clothing, worn as a protection over other garments.

It appears to have come into use in the Elizabethan period and was mainly for women: 1578 an old safegarde forfayted by Jane Clark, Beverley

1587 unto Ann Hodgeson a workedaye savegarde, South Cave

1619 To Jane Walmesley a safegard, one canvas sheet, one canvas smock, one petticoat, 2 cross cloths and 2 patletts, Gisburn

c.1686 two Savegards in Linning Left in the Cubbert, Conistone. Items of clothing given to the poor in Bridlington in 1636 included nine safegardes, one to Matthew Man and eight to women.

dates 1578 1587 1619 1636 1686

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0