1) A word noted only in Yorkshire sources. It was a cloth, defined by Meriton as ‘between Linnen and Hempen, not altogether so coarse as the one nor fine as the other’.

1525 a paire of sheittes of sameron, a codwer, Saxton

1535 Item lx pare shetes lynnyn Samaron and harden ... tenne Tabilclothes, lynnyn and Sameron, Stillingfleet

1567 Item 11 payre of sameron shetes, Fixby

1598 Item samoran yearne Ł6 0 0, Knaresborough. The spelling varied in the sixteenth century: 1544 one pare of shettes samerell ... and a samerell towel, Pontefract

1559 a payre of sameroll shettes, Pontefract

1581 for workyn xxxiij yerdes of samarant iijs, Stockeld.

dates 1525 1535 1544 1559 1567 1581 1598

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0