1) A word found only in York where it was the bell rung on Foss Bridge to declare the fish-market open.

1519 Also that the bell of Fossebregg called the Scaytbell shalbe rong at viij of the clok in the morning on the market dayes. Previously, it had been mentioned when restrictions were placed on ‘foreign’ traders: 1481 Et eciam quod nullus piscenarius forensicus qui portat pisces marinos ad istam civitatem vendendos non vendit pisces suas nisi ad scabell’ omniam etc, York. The reference may be to skate meaning fish, especially since ‘skategeld’ was apparently a toll on fish coming into the city: 1483 our said sovereyn lord ... grauntid ... releve of the said Cite in esyng of the tolls, murage, bucher penys and skaitgyld.

spellings scaytbell
places York
dates 1481 1483 1519

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0