1) A word used by both masons and carpenters to describe work done on newly-cut stone or timber so as to reduce the faces of the material to a plane surface.

1322 Et in xx blettron’ prosternend’ & scapland in bosco de Secroft, Leeds

1399 Pro scorpillyng lapidum, York

1422 the wherreours brekes the saides stanes and schapels thaim in the saides qwerrels, Catterick

1433 in iij quercubus scapulatis et ij quercubus squararatis pro balkes, York. The small pieces of stone removed by masons in that process were referred to as ‘scapplings’: 1745 24 load of small stone and two load of scaplings, Bradfield.

dates 1322 1399 1422 1433 1745

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0