scotch cap

1) A man's head-dress made of thick firm woollen cloth, without a brim, and decorated with two tails or streamers' (OED).

When Thomas Greenwood died in 1551 he had unfinished business, and in his will he sought to set matters straight: 1551 unto Edwarde Sundderland as it apperethe in my booke of parcels for a remnantte of calve skynes so that the said Edward do allowe to me xxs whiche I paid for hym to William Parkyns, besides a Scotche cappe that he had of me, and I owe unto hym for whitte carsaye, Wakefield. The OED has examples of this from 1591.

places Wakefield
dates 1551

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0