1) Typically a large basket made of wickerwork, used for carrying corn, vegetables, sand, etc.

1357 Item j scutil ijd ob, York

1399 in scutells et schovells, York

1446-7 ij scutellis 2d, Beverley

1457-8 In Scafis et scutellis de Joh’e Schau iijs xd, Fountains Abbey

1535 Item baweles, seues and skutteles xs, Stillingfleet

1642 two olde scuttles to carry up morter in, Elmswell

1663 pro scuttles & traces, 6s 8d, Ripon

1679 with hoppers, troughs, sckepts, scuttles, Selby. Early Latin examples point to more ornate domestic items: 1356 do et lego ... uxori suć scutellam deauratam melioremquam voluerit eligere pro speciebus dandis, Lincoln.

dates 1356 1357 1399 1446-1447 1457-1458 1535 1642 1663 1679

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0