1) Occupational term for someone who made a living by sharpening scythes.

Until well into the eighteenth century most Hallamshire metal workers who needed to grind their own wares rented space at grinding wheels, and only scythe-grinding was a specialist occupation. In Derbyshire, a scythe-mill was established at Holbrook in 1489 but the first references to the occupation are much later: 1603 Robert Barnes, scythe grinder, Norton. However, it was an established craft in Sheffield later that century: 1674 Rob. Hawksworth, Heeley, scythgrinder

1704 ux Georgii Marriott Sythgrinder de Eccles[all]

1728 James Oates, sythgrinder, Sheffield. In 1729, the Cutlers Company paid Joseph Lord for getting information ag[ain]st Scyth Grinders.

dates 1603 1674 1704 1728 1729

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0