1) To keep timber after it has been cut so that it might dry out and harden.

Examples of the word date only from the 1600s but the practice is much older: 1529 also tymbre lying drye for the use of husbandrie, Ingmanthorpe

1617 2 oake boards well seasoned beinge 8 foet longe and 11 inche broad to make up my new barne doers with, Brandsby

1642 A Sweathrake hath usually xxxiiij teeth ... of yron, the heade of seasoned Ash and the shafte usually of saugh, Elmswell

1671 found 2 boards neare fower yards long, foot broad and about 12 years seasoning in a chamber of an out-house, Kimberworth.

dates 1529 1617 1642 1671

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0