seine draught

1) McDonnel noted that seine nets were used by fishermen was on Yorkshire rivers from the twelfth century at least, and in salt-water estuaries soon afterwards (YRS62/122). The net was designed to hang in the water, and the ends were drawn together to prevent the fish from escaping: the practice meant the fisherman had to stand on the bank above the water in order to draw the net tight and the term ‘seine draught’ seems to have become associated with the right to do that.

1435 Lease of le seynedraght, Wakefield

1540 ther be certen fyshynges late in thandes of the howse, that ys to say the fyshyng and signe draughtes in the water of Ouse, lately demised, Selby

1572 Ther is in the gallery netts, viz a great sene and less sene as draught netts, Skipton.

dates 1435 1540 1572

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0