1) A period of seven days and nights, a week.

1482 of fryday was a senyt, York

1496 deliver the said bill unto theyr wardeyns afore Friday come a seven nyght, York

1579 that wyddowe Rawson make her fence betwixte her ynge and little common tofte betwixte this and Sonday cum a sennet, Dewsbury

1615 put 2 kyne ... into Steresby clyffe on Monday was a sennet, Brandsby

1642 If pease bee dry they may bee ledde the same day senight after they are pulled, Elmswell

1729 Tuesday was sevennight before, Stainland.

dates 1482 1496 1579 1615 1642 1729

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0