set forth

1) To mark out a piece of land with boundaries.

1555 the mydle parte ... boundid and set furth betwix the other too partes, Almondbury

1575 one other parcell of the same medowe as it is nowe devided, lymyted and sett furth by metes, Thurstonland

1590 in sutche part of the said ground as ys nowe appointed lymyted and set fourthe bye us … with meares and bounders, Shelf

1597 lands lieing in their Townefields ... as the same is now allotted mered and set forth, Hepworth. Note: 1538 landes shalbe devyded, marked and lymyted furth by indyffrent persons, Barkisland.

dates 1538 1590 1597

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0