1) A table, counter or stall where goods for sale could be displayed.

Recorded as shamells in 1357 in Bradford. More particularly it was used of stalls where meat and fish were sold: 1429-30 ‘William de Hotone ... fissher ... a parcel of waste ... in a corner by Fisschamyll’, Richmond

1517 declared by my lorde Maire that where he went to se the Flesshe Shamells ... Richard Coke sold unholsom flesshe, York

1556 a payne is sett that the baylye do see the fyshe shamells furnished with fyshe, Wakefield. The street in York now called the Shambles is recorded as Marketskire alias Flesshamelles in 1316.

dates 1316 1357 1429-1430 1517 1556

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0