1) To sharpen.

1424-5 Item Thomć Qwernside pro scharpyng et wellyng of wegges de ferro, Ripon

c.1540 for shoyng oxen and sharpinge the mylne pikks 20d, Esholt

1642 Clippers bringe ... 2 paire of sheares and one or other of them ... a whetstone to sharpe them withall, Elmswell

1708 for sharping masons tooles, Wetherby. In collieries, a blacksmith had to be ‘at Hand’ to sharpen the colliers’ tools, especially their picks and wedges: 1616 picks sharpin 4d, Brandsby

1717 Sam. Bywater for worke sharping 1s 6d, Farnley.

dates 1424-1425 1540 1616 1642 1708 1717

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2) The common admonition ‘look sharp’ requires immediate action from the listener, with no delay allowed.

1785 if you do not look sharp about it ... everything will be void, Meltham.

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0