1) A regional equivalent of shearling, that is a sheep that has been once shorn.

1545 x yowes and sherynges, Westerdale

1570 sex score wethers ... lxxvj sheringes, South Cave

1582 lxxx wedders and wedder shearinges, South Cave

1617 two sheering shepe viz one gimber and one tuppehogge, Aughton

1642 Ewes are such as have beene twice shorne ... after that they are once shorne they are called gimmer shearings ... yett is it a custome with many ... sheep-men to clowte their shearings to hinder them from tuppinge, Elmswell

1686 24 shearings bought of Ric Wharton 7s 6d apiece, Conistone.

dates 1545 1570 1582 1617 1642 1686

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0