1) A regional word for ‘purlin’.

1446-8 ‘10 sawn spars for side wyfers', Hull

1524-5 Item payd a wryghte for a syde whiner [sic] setting, York

1544 for a syd wyvere for his hye chamer, York

1617 strong poasts and pannes and good side wavers, Brandsby

1694 hewing 10 spars 1s 3d

hewing a sidewaver 3d, Tong

1739 4 dormonds, joistsside wavers, High Lofthouse. In his Almondbury glossary, Easther had ‘sidewires’ which he defined as roof beams, used for laying the spars on. This was a local form of side-wiver and in telling us how it was pronounced it explains a much earlier reference: 1672 laying our rig-tree and siduire, Northowram.

spellings side-wiver
dates 1446-1448 1524-1525 1544 1617 1672 1694 1739

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0