1) This is a dialect form of ‘shift’, that is to move.

It was used in an undated document, possibly from the late eighteenth century: An Account of Money disburst on Skifting the Old Coal pitts out of James Holden and Broadbent Close by the Farmers booning July 12, Tong. That was not the meaning in early wills: 1479 it is my will that my silver spones be skift betwixt my doughters, Flinton

1523 I will that my cosynge Matilde childer have to be skifted amongst them xl wedders, xl yowes, xl hogges, Linton. The inference here is that 'skifted' meant 'shared'.

dates 1479 1523 1750-1799

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0