1) A horizontal piece of timber, especially one used in the foundations of a timber-framed house.

1335 et panni tredecim enchiarum et septem enchiarum et solos ejusdem formć, York

1358 Item pro gistez et soles xxs, York

1417 that [John] Hesyll may hafe rowme thar to lay hys sole and rayse hys house, York

1433 In diversis peciis meremii … videlicet … vij bandclogs, iij soles, 1 quercu curva, York

1661 laders, rakes, solles and loose wood, Langfield

1739 three soale balks, Lofthouse. More particularly it could have the same meaning as ‘sill’: 1419-20 et ij soles de esch emt. pro ij sperys de novo faciendis in prćdicta domo, Ripon

1464-5 ‘two great timbers called solis for the windows there’, Hull

1731 layed a Sleep on a window soal, West Riding. Used occasionally as a verb: 1525 payd ... for a day soling off the stable xijd, York.

dates 1335 1358 1417 1419-1420 1433 1464-1465 1525 1661 1731 1739

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0