1) The colour ‘sorrel’, that is reddish-brown or chestnut, used especially of horses.

1420 I will that ... Acris Mersk haue the grey geldyng

Gerard and John my brethir liard botiller and a sorede horse, York

1541 Also I give to John Hadlesay one sored stage to make hyme one horse of, North Duffield

1587 I give to my doughter Jane Barowbie a sowerde mare and a fole, Knaresborough. The spelling ‘sore’ was less common: 1564 Item 2 fylles a dappell graye and a sowre baye, Marske.

spellings sored sowre
dates 1420 1541 1564 1587

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2) A buck in its fourth year.

1523 where as the prior and convent of Monkebretton clayme of me of olde custome a buck or a soor against Mary Magdaleyn day yerely I am content they have the same

1621 as fast before the hownds as he could ... thorow my this yere spring ... wher presentlye they brought back by us a fresh sower, Brandsby

1698 An Account Sander gave me of the male deer ... of full bucks four brace ... that were this year sores six brace, Woodsome.

dates 1523 1621 1698

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0