1) Found once only; possibly a diminutive of spar, or a mistake for purlin.

1642 700 deales 1000 spars 100 balks 100 sparlins, Bridlington.

places Bridlington
dates 1642

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2) A small fish, also called a smelt.

1512-3 iiij lez sperling nettes et ij lez heryng nettes, Hornsea Beck. 1516-7 with ix last of heryng wherof was vj full heryng and iij shotyn heryng and iiij last of sparlyng, Hull. Found as a by-name: 1259-60 William Sperling, Scarborough.

dates 1259-1260 1512-1513 1516-1517

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0