1) The term ‘spillwood’ has been explained as waste wood of little value (FWT170).

It is found in the court rolls of Wakefield manor as a by-name, along with 'spilltimber'. These take the history of the words back to the early fourteenth century. In 1306, John Spillewod of Rastrick had to pay damages in a dispute over rent and in 1331 Richard Spiltimbir surrendered 3 acres in Warley near Halifax. In 1390, Thomas Spilwode held land in the parish of Snaith. In fact, these were probably pejorative nicknames, of a type used for individuals deemed to be responsible for waste: c.1290 Willelmus Spillebrede de Daneby

1301 de Johanne Spilhaver [oats], Guisborough.

spellings spillwood
dates 1290 1301 1306 1331 1390

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0