1) Aphetic spellings of hospital.

1368 le spitel-land juxta Hospitale sancti Johannis, Nottingham. In early records hospitals were charitable institutions, founded by religious bodies, guilds or individuals and they were remembered in wills and land grants: 1500 to every masyndew and spitil-hous in Beverley xijd

1606 the somme of Ł3 6s 8d for the use of the Spittle-house in New Malton. A description of York city boundaries in 1443 referred to the Maudeleyn Spetell

that is the hospital of St Mary Magdalene, and in 1490, an indulgence of forty days was granted to those who gave money to ‘the lepers in the house called le Spitall outside the south gate’ of Doncaster. It was a major element in place-names from the thirteenth century at least, e.g. 1294 Spitle Hardwicke, so named because it belonged to the Hospital of St Nicholas in Pontefract.

spellings spittle (1)
dates 1294 1368 1443 1490 1500 1606

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0