1) To make timber square in preparation for its use by the house builders.

In 1418, the purchase of seven oaks was followed by a payment for them being squared: In expensis iiij carpentariorum squarrancium quercus, York

1486 xxx squared trees and half c waynescotes to the reparaciones of the stalles, Beverley

1544-5 payd … carpenters for 6 days fellyng and squarryng of tymber, Bridlington

1619 40 foet of squared tymber is a loade, 6d each wrought square foet or so many inshes as will make a square foet is an ordinary price, be it jeysts, sparres, Brandsby.

dates 1418 1486 1544-1545 1619

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0