1) A regional alternative of stack-yard, an enclosure close to a farm where hay, corn, and the like might be stacked.

1402-3 In alloc. Rectori de Hemmyngburgh pro le Stakgarth 2s

1546 one oxgange land ... a kylne house, a stacke garthe, Hull

1571 a peasestacke in the staikgarthe, Elmswell

1597 In the laith & stackgarth ... corne threshed and unthreshed, South Cave

1616 felled ... my ellers ... and my Stackgarth hedge, Brandsby

1642 five score and nine grasse-cockes ... of these the little Staggarth had 7, Elmswell. In 1338, ‘that messuage called le Stacgarth’ in Easthorpe was leased to William Michel.

spellings staggarth
dates 1338 1402-1403 1546 1571 1597 1616 1642

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0