standing stone

1) A large block of stone standing upright.

In an exchange of lands in Gilling, in 1540, a description of the boundaries says: westward bie the heid of a ... quarell ... vnto the crose of stone standing at Gilling wood heide. In the survey of those lands was: At the Standing Stone and Skelbery di. acre erable. In 1619-21, the boundary between Wheeldale and Egton has: Et inde per eandem viam ... usque ad lapidem qui dicitur le standing stone . In 1722, on the boundary with Lancashire, was a place in Stanbury called the Standing Stone. It was a common minor place-name in the Pennine landscape but the evidence is almost always late. The exception is in Sowerby where references date from the early fifteenth century: 1403 Standandstoneroyd.

dates 1403 1540 1619-1621 1722

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0