1) The handle of a broom or vessel.

1380 unum possenett cum stert, Durham

1421-2 ‘repairing le Stert of one Amphore for ale’, Selby

1445 j parvum posnet cum le starte, York

1486 the barne pan with a stert, Hull

1562 A pan with a start, a lyttill pan, Allerton Mauleverer

1562 iij old panes and one start pane iijs

1736 a beesome start, Baildon. A Calverley field had a shape which earned it the name Frying-pan start in 1755-60, no. 80 on the map.

dates 1380 1421-1422 1445 1486 1562 1736 1755-1760

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0