1) A vessel in which brewers steeped malt, possibly made of wood originally.

1377 2 stepyngfattes, Hackness

1438 ij plumbaria, j Stepefatt, ij Relyngfattes, Sherburn in Elmet

1522 I wytt that John Derluff, my son, have ... a stepefatt with the kylnehayres, Knaresborough. A leaden vessel with the same function was usually called a steep-lead, but not always: 1376 do et lego j stepeled Alicie, Ripon

1419 Item j stepeled 24s, Ripon

1542 Item a steyp fat of leed, Bedale

1545 on seystern of leyd for stepyng of maulte, Brettanby. In a York indenture of 1338 is a reference to ‘le Malthous with a piece of ground on which the the stepeleder is usually placed’. The editor speculated whether this was for ‘stepladder’, otherwise first recorded in 1751, but the lessee was a skinner, so it is possibly where leather was ‘steeped’.

dates 1376 1377 1419 1438 1522 1542 1545

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0