stick leathers

1) A term of uncertain meaning which occurs quite frequently in documents relating to tanners.

1541 ij styk lethers dighted and half a hydd ixs, Knaresborough

1589 to John Wislon [sic] one hyde and a litle sticklether York

1622 Item 3 sticke lethers, 7 calfe skines xjs vjd, Cottingley

1660 16 hides, 4 sticklethers, 3 veal skins & a foale skinne Ł16, Selby. It is possible that ‘stick’ was a reference to rolls of leather but in these typical contexts it seems more likely to have been a type of skin. In Selby, the tanner John Titlow had 6 stick lethers in the baite in 1660

that is immersed in an alkaline solution, a pre-tanning process.

dates 1541 1589 1622 1660

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0