stone bridge

1) A bridge built of stone, found in Yorkshire records from the thirteenth century.

The Catterick Bridge contract of 1422 was for a brigge of stane oure the watir of Swalle, one with three arches, to replace the olde stane brigge: Lady’s Bridge over the watyr of Dune in 1486 was a Brygge of ston with five arches. These were not the earliest stone structures in the county, for the Ripon place-name Staynebriggegate is on record from the very early thirteenth century. The street led to a stone bridge across Skyteryk, a sewer which flowed into the Ure east of the town. In fact there were stone bridges in York and on monastic sites even earlier. Once stones had been worked by the masons they were valuable and it is noticeable that accounts often include a reference to recovering them from the river after a bridge had been damaged: 1616 getting stones oute of the water, Kirkstall.

dates 1200-1250 1422 1486 1616

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0