1) A place-name element of Old Norse origin, usually said to mean ‘plantation, brushwood’.

These may have been accurate when the names were coined but many of the earliest Yorkshire examples are linked to woodland clearance and settlement: 1286 ‘one and a half acres lay in the assart called Storthe’, Elland

1297 Thomas de Askebaldstorthes, Ingleton

1316 Henry del Storthes, Thurstonland. An undated reference points to wood management in Oxspring near Penistone: c.1300 a broad path through Molgerode and Coppicstorye [Coppicstorđe]. Also possible is Storwood in the East Riding, with the spelling Storthwait in 1219.

dates 1219 1286 1297 1300 1316

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0