1) In many early documents this was not a synonym for brook or beck but a reference to the current or main flow of a river, especially where it provided power by turning a water wheel.

1491 inter Bulderclogh et Styes cote long egge et le streme de Caldre, Sowerby

1580 and the streame or course of water running from the upper end of a little holme ... until the Milne damme, Barkisland

1628 occupieth one Corne millne and two Fulling Mylnes upon ... Ayre and paieth for the Streame, Leeds. In 1683, after serious flooding at Harewood Bridge, reference was made to the Streame of the said Water which used to rune under the South side of the said bridge, now is turned and doth rune to the North side. In Kettlewell, in 1686, the landstayes were in danger to be carried away by the violence of the stream.

dates 1491 1580 1628 1683 1686

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0