1) An early spelling of stoop.

1454 Et in mercede Johannis Stede carpentarij ponantis unum stulpum in Walmegate, York

1490 the wyff of the said Richard Wryght [ought to knell] next to the stulp of the said fourem end, Kirkburton

1579 Thomas Hirste … shall make a newe gate and new stulpes at the water side, Dewsbury. It apparently gave rise to a by-name, possibly an uncomplimentary nickname: 1333 ‘William Stulp was seised of a moiety of a bovate in Thornes’

c.1344 ‘Thomas Stulppe of Catthal’, Hunsingore.

dates 1333 1344 1454 1490 1579

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0