1) A brain disease in sheep and cattle which causes them to be giddy, to turn round and round.

1642 A 3 sheare ewe is allwayes better for the buyer ... for then is all dainger past ... of sturdie, Elmswell

1653 received of Robert Fish for a whye that had the sturddy 13s, Stockeld. The word was also used adjectivally: 1446-58 Item in j sturd sterkett communitatis xxd, Fountains Abbey

1642 If there bee any of the hogges that bee sturdy, lame, weake ... putte them into the closes ... wheare there is grasse sufficient, Elmswell. Early by-names seem likely to have referred to a person's character but whether or not complimentary it is difficult to say: 1301 De Rogero Sturdy, Bainbridge.

dates 1301 1446-1458 1642 1653

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0