1) A forest court, responsible for controlling the pasturage of swine and other livestock, and dealing with woodland offences.

1349 Willelmus de Kyrkeby nuper ballivus de Pykerynge, colore officii sui qualibet vice quando ipse tenuit swanemota Foreste de Pykerynge

1547-57 Cur’ leta & swaynnimot forest, Langstrothdale

1619-21 they saye that there are theis severall Courtes yearlie kepte for the Honor and foreste, vizt a view of franck pledge, Turnes, Wapentack Courtes, Swanimotes and attachment Courtes, Pickering.

dates 1349 1547-1557 1619-1621

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0