1) A wooden implement, a handle or lever, although Wright offers a number of other possibilities (EDD).

It occurred several times in one accompte of ... the clerk of the works for York: 1568-9 To Edmonde Dakers for making a swape to the Minster gates 16d

For making an iron pynne to the mason well swape, 15d

for a pece of tymber to make the swape on, 14d. Such items could be made of holly wood: 1606 Edward Mylson got hollinge swaypes in Awmett wodd, Brandsby. It was possibly responsible for an early by-name: 1297 William Swaype, Sowerby.

dates 1297 1568-1569 1606

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0