1) A name given to various fabrics, often a bright lustrous material, usually silk.

1378 Deux courtyns de taffata rouge, York

1392 et unum vestimentum integrum de viridi tafata, Ingmanthorpe

1567 usethe veine undecent apparell, namelie great britches cut and drawen oute with sarcenet and taffitie, Ripon

1568 a quilt of black velvet yellowe and red taffetay, Healaugh

1612 1 pare of silver color taffetye skirts, Brafferton

1621 taffety to face both hands of the ould dublitts ijs, Brandsby.

dates 1378 1392 1567 1568 1612 1621

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0