1) A fine cloth woven with a worsted weft and cotton warp, dyed fancy colours and having a glazed finish.

1724 theft of 7˝ of greeneyard broad tammy, Hemingfield

1783 Edward Holland of Lightcliffe, Halifax, Tammy Maker, Emley

1785 I wove Tamy in Charles Crowther loom in the day, Ovenden. The origin of the word is obscure so it is worth noting that Halliwell has a material called ‘tamine’. In Yorkshire, ‘tammet’ occurs from the early seventeenth century: 1619 Taylor of Malton for making up my wif’s tammet gowne xxxvs, Brandsby

1693 1 piece of stript searge Ł2 ... 1 piece of tammet Ł1 5s, Selby. Tammy Hall in Wakefield, of which a substantial section has survived, was built in 1766 for the sale of tammies.

dates 1619 1693 1724 1783 1785

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0