1) ‘Temple’ was a word for the long wands, probably of hazel, which were used to hold down the thatch on a roof (EDD).

Salzman noted that ‘templewand for thatching’ was used at Scarborough in 1284 and examples elsewhere include: 1432 Pro virgis pro templis et wethis emptis, 16d, York

1446 vc dimidia templewande pro sutura ejusdem cooperturć 4d, Beverley

1446-58 et pro succissione et carr. temple 8, Fountains Abbey.

spellings templewand
dates 1284 1432 1446 1446-1458

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2) A contrivance for keeping cloth stretched to its proper width in the loom during weaving.

1611 First 2 lomes 11 peire of geires ... barr trees ... temples, South Cave.

places South Cave
dates 1611

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0