1) A canopy over a bed, either suspended from the ceiling or supported on the posts.

1377 unum lectum integrum cum testers, howcez, tapetis, Bewick

1470 a white hangyng for a bedde, that is to saye a celour and testour with curteyns, Doncaster

1490 De j lez teister cum imagine B. M. vjd, York

1542 a ... teister of white and tawney saten embrothered, Bretton Hall

1695 the roofe ... redy to fall downe upon them when it raines they are forsed to get any thing they have upon the bed teasters to keep the water forth of the beed, Wetherby.

dates 1377 1470 1490 1542 1695

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0