1) ‘Thack’ was until recently a common word in parts of Yorkshire for ‘roof’, and despite its obvious links to the word ‘thatch’ it could refer to roofs made of slatestones, tiles or shingles.

Indeed, there are numerous references to ‘thack tiles’ in early accounts and Salzman noted the spelling thakteghell in York in 1364. Later references include: 1404 In m.m.viij.c thaktell emptis cum cariagio, York

1447 iiijml c tegulis vocatis thaktiel 33s 8d, Beverley

1519 paid for cccc thayke teylle and for ledyng vs jd, York.

spellings thack tile
places York Beverley
dates 1364 1404 1447 1519

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0