1) A measure of corn or hay, although the number of sheaves varied in different localities.

1298-9 ‘the suit ... about the thraves’, Bridlington

1351 Et in quadraginta thraues straminis empti pro emendacione grangie de Dewesbury, vjs viijd

1446 Diversis thravis 10s 0d. Et carectata stramini pro co-opertura grangi?, Beverley

1552 every threave of wheat conteynethe xxiiij sheaffes, Whorlton

1576 Edward Dyson, baylyf ... had the custodye of certain threves of otes ... and did cause the same to be threshed, South Crosland

1588 Item xx thrave of rye and three thrave of wheate, Dalton.

spellings threave
dates 1298-1299 1351 1446 1552 1576 1588

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0