1) The regional form of tinker, an itinerant metal-worker.

1446 Et de Ricardo Walter, tynkler, pro licencia concessa ad occupandum infra civitatem, York

1520 To Agnes Sherp a brasse pott with a tyncler clowte, Ripon

1542 2 litil panes 2 tyngler panes 14d, Marske

1579 Item payd to tinckeler for mending of panes, Stockeld

1681 brought a panne to a tinklers house ... in our town, Northowram. By-names provide earlier evidence: 1314 Gilbert Tynkeler, Wakefield. See Tinker, Tinkler.

dates 1314 1446 1520 1542 1579 1681

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0