1) A measure of capacity, based on the contents of the ‘ton’, a cask for holding wine or some dry goods.

1415 in cariagio ccc lxxxvij tuntight dictorum lapidum per carectas a quarera, York

1472 viijs receptis de Willelmo Tod pro una tontight in nave vocata Anna a Selandia usque Hullam

1489-90 a ton-t’ ferri, Hull. In the ordinances of the Merchant Mistery in York is: 1495 agreed ... that what person ... freght any ship outher in England or beyond the see to the beofe of the felisship sall answere to the said felisship of a tontight lyk as the ship is freght or els to the valour of a tontight in money. Salzman comments on the weight of a ton tyght in c.1470.

spellings tun-tight
places York Hull
dates 1415 1470 1472 1489-1490 1495

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0