1) Of uncertain meaning.

Of uncertain meaning in some inventories: 1560 one acre of lande sawne with berlie, lyinge oof Tramelles, Knaresborough

1759 4 soals & Iron Tramels j Corn fork, Barnoldswick. The OED has 'shackles' as a contrivance to hobble an animal.

dates 1560 1759

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2) A fishing or fowling net with three layers of meshes.

1416 noctant cum j tramell piscand’, Fulstone

1417 ‘one net called a Tramaill ... for taking fish in the dam’, Selby

1572 an olde nette with iiij tramel nets, Skipton

1741 fishing with a trammel, Horbury.

spellings trammel-net
dates 1416 1417 1572 1741

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0