1) A metal or wooden beam.

1373-4 inter trabes cuilibet plaustro vjd, Leeds

1468 j trabe ferri, Sewerby. It could refer to a wooden frame: 1574 ix hogesheads in the buttrie with the gantrees and traves there, Wensley and a pair of traves was a frame with bars which could control a horse that was being shod: 1425 ‘Thomas Marshall [a farrier] holds a pair of traves in the common way beside his forge’, Leeds

1465 The Traves in the markytt stede called the forge in the tenure of Richard Smyth yerly xijd, Hull

1500 Thos Kendall, smyth, had set up a payre of newe traves on the common ground without Bouthome Barre, York. The ownership of the ground on which these traves stood was the subject of a dispute and in later evidence they were called a payre of horse traves and the smyth traves

1628 Wee finde that ... George Dixonn doth pay to the Kinges Maiestie for a pair of treyes for a smith in the Market Place, Leeds

1748 one pair of traws, Sowerby.

spellings traves
dates 1373-1374 1425 1465 1468 1500 1574 1628 1748

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0