1) A cylindrical pin of hard wood used in fastening timbers together.

Those which were provided for the repairs to Bridlington pier in 1717 were 18 inches long and cost 40s per thousand: 1441-2 ‘And for clavis ligneis, 2d’, Selby

1526 Item for a leyge and trenaylles, jd. ob, York

1678 3000 trenalds besides props and wedges, Selby

1699 To pilling without Each apron … to timber groveing driveing & trenayles to Boath, Naburn Lock

1715 working for us in riving laths and tree nails, Maltby

1717 For Plank and Trenails from London, Ł101 8s 4d, Bridlington.

spellings trenail
dates 1441-1442 1526 1678 1699 1715 1717

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0